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Special Interest | Auckland Dog Friendly Parks and Beaches

Absolutely a subject so close to many....dog friendly places and beaches!  Don't leave your dog behind on an adventure.  Thankfully there are some great dog friendly beaches and walks in Auckland, so you don't have to leave Buster out of the day's plans.

Unfortunately for off-leash beach adventures in summer, Auckland City Dog Control regulations make this a little tricky.  On-leash however, most beaches are in fact dog-friendly any day of the week outside of the restricted times (generally 7pm-9am is good).

While the official list of Auckland City parks and reserves are listed here an even more super-friendly list of fabulous dog friendly beaches (for both dogs and owners) along with handy hints and maps, are just a keyword search away! 

There are heaps of dog and owner friendly walks in Auckland, in fact more than we can list.  

Simply, enter Dog Friendly in the 'Search Everything' box at the top right of the webpage and discover a whole bunch of walks near you. We're updating this now, so the list is only going to grow.

Remember, most planmyplay walks are dog-friendly (except the obvious DOC, Forest and Bird tracks where birds and wildlife need to be left undisturbed) but if in doubt, simply follow the links provided for more information.  Be sure to be familiar with the Auckland City Council dog bylaws for the beaches, and you can make some great informed decisions yourself on where to freely walk your dog.

Our visitors top picks of Auckland off-leash areas are:

Meola Reef in Westmere has a great fenced in dog exercise area --- There's a large fenced off area which makes up just part of the Meola Reef reserve.  It was quite muddy when we visited, and while the owners stick to the grassy paths, dogs are racing in all directions.  It's fun, and very chaotic at times!  It's free, open to the public any weather, and a good option we reckon.

Western Park in Ponsonby --- Fantastic off lead area for dogs! Can be accessed from Ponsonby Road or all of the streets running off Hepburn Street. Just keep away from the playground and sports field at the bottom but there's plenty of room to play for 4 legged and 2 legged. Enjoy.

Mt Albert has a newly fenced off dog exercise area too, small but certainly a great local option

Totara Park, Mangere -- While this is a great dog friendly area as far as being off leash is concerned, you should have a warning here regarding the ticks. For safety's sake, only bring your dog here if it has been treated with Frontline. -- Tania, NZ

Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manurewa -- All the Gardens are available to dogs apart from the cafe, visitors centre and library and a substantial area is available off lead. -- Tania, NZ

On the following beaches, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year, with no daylight saving restrictions:

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