Updated: 15-Apr-2013 09:45 PM
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The Bridge to Somewhere


off The Forgotten Highway (State Highway 69), Strathmore Saddle, Whangamomona, Stratford, Taranaki







Yes, unlike the famous 'Bridge to Nowhere', this is the Bridge to Somewhere!  But you don't get off lightly, this gem of a walk is off the beaten track - so only the keen and adventurous get to visit!

Off The Forgotten Highway, the narrow winding road linking Taumauranui to Stratford with stunning NZ scenery, this walk comes recommended by trampers and trekkers from around the globe.  And, if it was easy to get to - well, it wouldn't be all that special after all! 

We Reckon | Ahhh, but Whangamomona is officially Manawatu-Wanganui I hear you cry!  Well, geographically it is, however it's just as quick to access from Stratford than anywhere, so for now we'll leave it as Taranaki territory.

Around 30 minutes from Stratford (past the Strathmore Saddle), you'll see a side road off to the right.  This metalled windy road twists for around an hour before you'll reach The Bridge to Somewhere.  See?  Half the adventure is just getting there! 

Best conquered one way (Aotuhia to Whangamomona seems a great idea, with Whanga Pub welcoming tired trekkers), this 18km track will take around 5 hours to walk.  This means, you do need to be organised with a drop off and pick up, and the drive between the two is around 1.5 hours.

The walk itself follows the Whangamomona River upstream, hugging the right bank.  It's generally a flat walk, with a hill thrown in for good exercise.  At times you'll walk above the river with sheer drops banking down to the water's edge.

You'll come across hand dug tunnels, several bridges and some great landscape once settled by returned soldiers after WW1.

The track does tend to get muddy in winter, so dress accordingly with descent walking boots.  To the extreme, in summer it can be extremely dry - so bring plenty of drinking water.

Getting to the Bridge to Somewhere | See our map for directions:

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Photo Credit | Whangamomona welcome sign, Taranaki

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