Updated: 02-Apr-2015 01:46 PM
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Te Waihou Walkway - Blue Springs


Whites Road, Putaruru, South Waikato, Waikato







Dust off your walking shoes and head along the Te Waihou Walkway, check out the famous Blue Springs with crystal blue waters, and get some fresh air.  Get back to nature in South Waikato. 

Bring your picnic essentials as there are large grassy areas just perfect for a blanket, and pools and calm stretches of the river just GREAT for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling (the former, if you dare -- it's 11 degrees year round!).

The walk takes about 90 minutes each way (from the White Road entrance) and you'll head over rolling farmland, native bush with gushing waterfalls around you.  Along they way you'll find a few stiles and steeper areas, but generally an easy-moderate walk.  There's a toilet located about halfway along the track. 

The Waihou Stream is spring fed with underground water up to 50-100 years old and has a constant temperature at 11 degrees Celsius, regardless of the season.  

We Reckon | Absolutely stunned by the crystal clear waters.  On a still day, it's just magic.  Check out our Road Trip blog from our recent visit around the South Waikato.

Audio Blog | Snippet from radio interview:

The walkway starts from Whites Road (although there is another access upstream from Leslie Road, which would be better if you are hauling a kayak with you and much faster by foot)!  On Leslie Road, the car park is at the bottom of the hill on the right.

Photo Credit | Te Waihou Walkway, Blue Springs, Putaruru

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