Updated: 13-Apr-2014 10:46 PM
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exploring, making, growing, fixing, creating... screen-free ideas for all ages

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Ohinemuri River

Hauraki Rail Trail

The Karangahake Gorge calls my name, often. So it came as no surprise that I threw myself at the chance to check out the new chunk of the Hauraki Rail Trail cycleway, the Waihi to Waikino stretch.  Read more 

School Holidays

Count to ten. It's April. It's Easter. Two weeks of school holidays ahead. Need some tips for an adventure?
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Top Spots in Otago

Our first-hand picks for top spots in the Otago region. From Dunedin to Queenstown, we have our favourites.
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Daylight Saving
Don't forget, come Sunday 6 April it's time to roll the clocks back an hour.

The Great Cycle Challenge

We're following Del and Cindy Henley, two adventurous 73 year old Kiwis embarking on a 3000+km cycle challenge from Adelaide to Brisbane. Long since retired, we hope their amazing adventure is an inspiration for all Kiwis to get out and explore, perhaps starting on their own doorstep. Read more

Hot Water Scorcher
Kerosine Creek tucked away between Rotorua and Taupo -- natural hot water stream, perfect for a soak.
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10 of the best!
We look back at the best things in March that made us smile, think and spark inspiration.
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New Zealand

International Visitors
We've created a section just for you to help make the most of your Kiwi adventure.  Read more 
rediscover latest blogs
Feijoa and Dark Choc Cake

Feijoa & Dark Choc
Waste not, want not. We make the most of the feijoa season and create a tangy cake with bite. 
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Canned goodness
We get inspired by an organic cafe courtyard that typifies 'make-do genuis' with industrial chic and sensible shoes. Read more

Infused chilli oil
Drizzled over crostini, adding heat to a winter hot pot or for a zingy dressing, infused chilli oil is delicious.
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Oh the games we played
Some of us will fondly recall a childhood, not so long ago, where games were games with rules that were invented along the way, where knees were undoubtedly going to be skinned, and 'being bored' just wasn't an option.


Sets had to be constructed, models glued, scenarios invented..... Read more

Buggy Broccoli
It survived its first harvest. Not looking quite like it does on the seed packet, we did learn a thing or two. Read more

Humble Peashooter

One of the simplest toys to make.  Odds are every child has made one at some point – or have they?

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Rediscovering screen free play
Hitting headlines and making a few of our own....keep updated with progress on our campaign. Read more

Growing Onions
You'll need to be patient as it takes time, but growing onions is one of the easiest backyard veges to grow.  Read more

Rhubarb Crumble takes the cake
Like Marmite, love it or hate it - we rediscover why rhubarb's making a come-back.

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Radio interview
We chat about heaps of play ideas that don't involve batteries or chargers, and can fit in your pocket!
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Blue Springs

Find things to do: for free, on rainy days, for an adventure, child friendly, or just the thrill of it. NZ is one big Kiwi playground so, go play!

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Go Read

Our recommended top spots, road trips, and reviews of selected commercial experiences. Podcasts available too.

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Rediscover things to do in your own backyard, literally! Get inspired, chill out, find your creative streak or encourage some family DIY. We rediscover first hand.

Put the jug on, take off your shoes and read-up on Kiwi life: lifestyle blogs, media releases and snapshots of our real New Zealand.  

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We bring you thousands of things to do in New Zealand. 

Julie Crean - EditorBorn and bred in New Zealand, Julie has an inbuilt love for the outdoors which magically seems to be part of any Kiwi’s DNA. Combining her passion for exploring and writing, along with healthy lashings of humour and insect repellent, PlanMyPlay was inevitable. Endless notes and untold photos were finally put to good use, resulting in more than 2000 things to do and see in New Zealand, plus numerous ideas to keep you entertained and occupied at home. Read more