Updated: 20-Nov-2014 07:43 PM
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The New Zealand Kiwi's Love
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Weekly Pixels
Every week I take a photo, a snap-shot in time, of the places I go and the people I meet. Spring has been very polarizing so far with sprinkles of snow on the mountain peaks in Geraldine to sunburned bodies on the beaches of the Coromandel! See more

Broken Hills, Coromandel
There's a beautiful spot not far from Tairua that holds the key to secret waterholes, old gold ruins and mining tunnels. Back in the early 1900s it was a bustling gold mining settlement. It's hard to find, but worth the effort.
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Coastal Farm Parks
With plenty to choose from in Auckland, here are 5 of the Best. Have you visited them all yet?
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Nuie Weaver
Traditional weaver at work, demonstrating masterful artistry at Auckland War Memorial Museum.
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Farm Cove Walkway
A lovely family-friendly walk around the tidal estuary - a popular choice for walkers, cyclists and crab spotters. Read more
Pretty in Pink - Cherry Blossoms in Cornwall Park
Spring has most definitely sprung.  Blooms, bulbs and buds are out in full force all around the country. The Cornwall Park Cherry Blossom grove has been attracting heaps of attention from the Japanese community all September. Read more

A word from Julie


Do you ever have 'those moments' when an image and a feeling resonates in your mind and stays with you like a Polaroid in your back pocket?


Those moments happen often to me, and one in particular is a regular 'ahhhh' moment that occurs each year on Christmas Eve. It is the moment when, driving in my car, the white spores of privet hedges swirl around the roads and across my windscreen, just like fresh snow. It's a magical time as the weather is typically picture perfect.


I don't know where my travels will take me this summer, but they are sure to involve exploring somewhere I haven't ventured before, so that leaves me with a child-like tingle of anticipation. Thanks for stopping by my website.

                                                                                                             -- Julie

AWOL in September
We took our Kiwi road-trip 'can do' sense of adventure and ended up some 18,300kms away
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Latest Podcast
Listen to the latest audio blog - Ohinemuri Estate (wine making in the Waikino) and a selection of sound bites. Listen here
New Zealand
International Visitors
Here's a section just for you to help make the most of your Kiwi adventure.
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Blue Springs

Find things to do: for free, on rainy days, for an adventure, child friendly, or just the thrill of it. NZ is one big Kiwi playground so, go play!

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Go Read

Our recommended top spots, road trips, and reviews of selected commercial experiences. Podcasts available too.

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Put the jug on, take off your shoes and read-up on Kiwi life: lifestyle blogs, media releases and snapshots of our real New Zealand.  
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Rediscover a month of Sundays. Get inspired, find your creative streak or immerse yourself in some fun DIY. All new blog!
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We bring you thousands of things to do in New Zealand. 

Julie Crean - EditorBorn and bred in New Zealand, Julie has an inbuilt love for the outdoors which magically seems to be part of any Kiwi’s DNA. Combining her passion for exploring and writing, along with healthy lashings of humour and insect repellent, PlanMyPlay was inevitable. Endless notes and untold photos were finally put to good use, resulting in more than 2000 things to do and see in New Zealand, plus numerous ideas to keep you entertained and occupied at home. Read more